Holiday Cheer Starts With Acts of Kindness

Holiday Cheer Starts With Acts of Kindness


Small ‘Acts of Kindness’ are easy to do and they will brighten the lives of everyone around you in small ways and help get you into the holiday spirit.

The warm feeling that washes over you when you have done something kind isn’t just in your head.  When we are kind, or receive kindness, hormones are released that contribute to our mood and overall wellbeing.  The practice is so effective that it’s being incorporated into some types of psychotherapy.

As human beings we need people.  In a time when we can’t be together with our extended groups of family and friends, it’s important to realize that it’s still in our control to make this holiday season special.  The way to do this is to take charge of spreading love.  The rewards of ‘Acts of Kindness’ are many.  They help us and those who receive them to feel better.  We’re building better selves and better communities at the same time.  Create an extraordinary memory for a stranger, yourself or someone you love by doing a random ‘Act of Kindness’.  People who learn how to be kind to themselves and others and those shown kindness, never stop finding creative ways to keep fostering it.  Remember love is a verb; it requires action.  This will be the biggest return on investment in your life!

Here are some suggestions for simple ‘Acts of Kindness’:

  • Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for awhile
  • Drop off baking or a meal to someone living alone, a neighbour, friend or family member
  • Compliment someone you don’t know
  • Pay for the coffee or meal for the person in the line behind you
  • Donate to a local food bank
  • Donate pet supplies to a local animal shelter
  • Donate books or toys you no longer need
  • Take your family Christmas carolling

We would love for you to share your ideas of  ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ with us!

Cathie’s Shortbread Recipe

Click the link below to locate a list of more ideas for ‘Acts of Kindness’ while social distancing:

The next ‘National Random Acts Kindness Day’ is on February 17, 2021
Celebrated on February 17th, National Random Acts of Kindness Day has grown in popularity each year. It is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations, nationwide, to encourage acts of kindness.
For an International Awareness Days Calendar click the following link :

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